ROOTS Monthly Sustainer Program


What is the ROOTS Monthly Sustainer Program? 

The ROOTS Program allows for donors to contribute monthly in order to better serve families experiencing homelessness throughout the ebbs and flows of funding cycles. This support is crucial to ending family homelessness right here in Durham - one family at a time.

What is the ROOTS Matching Challenge?

From October 1,2017 through December 31, 2017, any donor who signed up to give at least $5 or more a month online, FMF will receive a matching grant of $100 per person! We're excited about this new challenge grant from the Fund for Democratic Communities and hope that you will join us!  By signing up to be a monthly donor, you are pledging your recurring donation for one year. 

If you missed the opportunity to participate in the ROOTS Challenge Grant (10/1/17-12/31-17), we hope to receive another opportunity at the end of 2018. Stay tuned and sign up for to receive an email alert about the new grant cycle in 2018.