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EVery child matters


We are proud to offer pioneering strengths-based, trauma-responsive programming to children at Families Moving Forward from birth through high school - including both kids in shelter and in aftercare.

We offer programming Monday-Thursday nights to our school-aged children and teenagers - coordinated by our NEST Programming VISTA and powered by volunteers and community partnerships. In the afternoons, our kids practice reading, play math games, and complete their homework. In the evenings, our kids conduct science experiments, grow vegetables, dance, create art, and learn about healthy relationships. Our teenagers do all of the above, as well as volunteer in the community and participate in a college and career readiness fellowship. Our Children’s Services Coordinator supports parents as they advocate for their children in the school system and connects them to community resources like Durham’s parks and recreation system, summer camps, computers, therapists, and mentors. We regularly attend arts events and sports events together - which is both something fun to do as well as the opportunity to try something new. We encourage self-knowledge and social-emotional learning by discussing goals, strengths, and growing edges with our kids.

Our Early Childhood Specialist guides our volunteers from congregations and civic groups to create a safe and fun learning environment for our infants and preschoolers while their parents are in adult programming.. We talk with parents in-depth about their children’s development and connect them to any resources that could help them grow. Our Children’s Services Coordinator connects our guests to Head Start, Early Head Start, and other high-quality supports for parents in the community such as Center for Child and Family Health and Exchange Family Center.

Our goal is always to connect families to resources they can continue to access on their own when they secure permanent housing. We are very grateful to be able to connect all of our families with free books, memberships at the Museum of Life and Science, and many other partners. We strongly believe that our two-generational approach will make a difference in the lives of kids for years to come!