Individual Volunteer Opportunities

When you have found an opportunity in which you’re interested, please click here for the next steps on how to become a volunteer. If you have any questions, please contact Tasha Melvin, at or (919) 693-5878, ext. 28.

Direct service

Diaper Bank Transport Volunteer:   URGENT!
A volunteer is needed every other week to pick up packaged diapers from the local Diaper Bank in Durham and transport them to Families Moving Forward. Once the volunteer returns to the agency, s/he will unpack the diapers and place them on the shelves according the package size.
The volunteer is needed on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 10 am – 1:15 pm
Duration of assignment each week: approximately 1 hour
Longevity of assignment: temporary (3 months) with possibility of longer time commitment
Room Refresher (On Call) Volunteers:

Each month we average 2 move outs and need rooms cleaned and set up for a new family to move into within 48 hours.  We are looking to add volunteers to our on call list that we can call when a room becomes vacant and needs to be cleaned and set up for a new family.  Volunteers on the contact list will receive an email with a specific date and time the room will be cleaned and set up.  To refresh a room, volunteers are responsible for sanitizing the room (sweeping, mopping, wiping beds down, etc.) and putting new linen on beds, setting out new towels and essential household items for the new family.  At least 3-4 volunteers are needed for each room and it takes about an hour to complete a room.  Volunteers are called on an as needed basis only.
FMF Store Attendant:

A volunteer is needed every week to open and manage the FMF family store. The volunteer will be responsible for opening the store and allowing guests to “shop” for essential household and family items. The volunteer will track purchases made during a visit and ensure all purchases are paid upon exit.  Shopkeepers help maintain the space, reorganizing at the end of each shift.
Current shifts available: Thursdays 3 pm – 4 pm lead shop attendant or Wednesdays 7 pm – 8 pm (assistant to monitor children). 
Duration of assignment each week: 1 hour
Longevity of assignment: 3-6 months or longer

Weekend Event Drivers:
Volunteers are needed to drive FMF families to various community events and activities.  Each month, FMF hopes to plan and schedule at least 2 family outings and need volunteers to help drive guests to the venues.  Volunteers can drive FMF’s passenger van to transport families, or their own depending on need. Times and dates for events vary month to month but we ask volunteers to commit at least 4 hours per event (times could be shorter).

Study Buddies
Provide school-aged children with academic assistance; helping with homework assignments, school projects, or upcoming tests/exams. Volunteers serve at least one hour per week, Monday-Thursday offering academic support for a semester or the entire academic year (Sept-June).


Youth Enrichment Curriculum Developers
Provide support for children by creating fun educational hour long curriculums for a given age group. Help develop a variety of appropriate activities (templates can be provided) used by children’s programming volunteers when parents are attending enrichment workshops.