Individual Volunteer Opportunities

When you have found an opportunity in which you’re interested, please click here for the next steps on how to become a volunteer. If you have any questions, please contact Tasha Melvin, at or (919) 693-5878, ext. 28.

Direct service

Study Buddies
Provide school-aged children with academic assistance; helping with homework assignments, school projects, or upcoming tests/exams. Volunteers serve at least one hour per week, Monday-Thursday offering academic support for a semester or the entire academic year (Sept-June).

Mentors are matched in a one-to-one relationship with a resident, helping them work on self-sufficiency goals and celebrate successes. Mentors provide emotional support, encouragement, friendship and a listening ear to a parent residing at Families Moving Forward. Mentors are asked to make a commitment for the duration of the residents’ stay in the shelter (approx. 3 months).

Shop Keepers
Help run our small on-site store where families can “purchase” much-needed household and personal care items. Shop Keeper’s dedicate one evening a week and are needed to open the store, receive decision dollars in exchange for goods, and keep the store shelves organized. The shop opens for both adults and children. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening shifts are available!

Enrichment Facilitators
Volunteers with expertise in a variety of life-skills (parenting, finances, wellness, employment, housing, adult education, and self-care) are needed to help facilitate hour long sessions for parents discussion session. Facilitators are needed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Curriculums and materials are already developed. Volunteers should have sound knowledge of the material being discussed.

Food Shuttle Volunteer
A detail oriented volunteer is needed to help receive, sort and distribute food delivered by the local Food Shuttle program for FMF families.  Deliveries are typically made bi-weekly on Friday afternoons between 11 am – 12 pm. Expect to spend 2 hours each shift.  Volunteers are asked to commit at least 6 months.

Diaper Bank Volunteer
A volunteer is needed to drive to pick diapers up from the local Diaper Bank, organize diapers, and distribute them to families in the FMF NEST program and Reaching Out program.  Diapers are to be picked up bi-weekly on Thursday, between 10 am – 2 pm.  Volunteers are asked to commit at least 6 months


Adult Enrichment Curriculum Developers
Provide support for the Parent Enrichment Program by creating curriculums that will be used during the weekly enrichment workshops. Volunteers are needed to help develop life-skills curriculums for parents covering a variety of topics such as: education, parenting, housing, employment, etc. Volunteers with skills and knowledge in a particular area can work with staff and other volunteers to create small group discussion sessions that can be used multiple times.

Youth Enrichment Curriculum Developers
Provide support for children by creating fun educational hour long curriculums for a given age group. Help develop a variety of appropriate activities (templates can be provided) used by children’s programming volunteers when parents are attending enrichment workshops.